Bring List

Its Mon 23rd April 2018 and Im preparing to do the 10 day trip around the island of Ireland in the 1000km Cycle against suicide.

Training this year has been on going and if I'm not ready now! Well too late! It will have to be done on the road.

Either way, I'm sure I will all have a great time, wending our way through this lovely country of ours with friends I have met on this journey over the years.

This is not a comprehensive list but its as far as i have got just yet!
Typically me! It will be left to the last minute and something will be forgotten!

My mantra going away has always been 

Tickets, Money, Passport.

If I have those vitals then everything else is minor!
Having said that! there is a bit more to this!
Arm warmers
Leg warmers
Cleat protectors
Flipflops / Runners
Energy bars (of choice)
Washing gear for the bike
Washing gear for me
Bike lube
dirty rags
Vaseline (not for bike!!)
Lip balm
2 changes of clothing for evening
3 Base layers
2 Shorts
1 long bib pants
2/3 cycling jerseys
Naas CC Gilet
2 pair cycling shoes
2 pair fingerless gloves
1 winter gloves
1 boeff
1 helmet
1 beannie hat
2/3 pair cycling socks
Cycling eyewear
Phone charger
iPad charger
On board camera and charger
Spare battery
Bike Lights

Day Bag (available at lunch stop)

Energy food
Base layer
Hand towel
Tracksuit bottoms
Beannie hat
Flip flops or trainers
Dry gloves

I know thats a bit more than ticket, money, passport but essential none the less.
Its also not the final story.
No doubt this will be added to and subtracted from as the weekend progresses.


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